Tales of Symphonia

Re: Finding Lost Treasures – Spontaneous Lesson Learned

Some people collect coins, other stamps. I collect video games.

It’s funny when life imitates art, especially when its comedy like in this case. I enjoy the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. If you’ve ever seen the show, there’s a particular episode called “The Nerdvana Annihilation” where one of the main characters named Leonard Hofstadter bids $800 on a whim for what he thinks is a prop from the classic 1960 movie The Time Machine. Getting close the end of the auction, he hopelessly waited for eBay snipers to come and outbid him because that’s usually what they do.  They wait until almost the last minute, or couple of seconds, on eBay and other sites to place their bid, so you basically have no time to counter the offer. It’s called Sniping. Well, he ends up winning the auction because no one else bid on the auction and now is faced with paying the $800 amount and getting something that he didn’t think he would. Can you see more or less where this story is going?