Resident Evil 6 Review

At its pinnacle, the Resident Evil franchise was once considered to be the staple of the term “Survival Horror”. But over the past few entries, Capcom seems to have made it a point to move the series into a more action-orientated direction. While some praised this new direction with breathing new life into the games and changing its gameplay dramatically, it naturally divided its fans – specifically those who wished the series would return to its horror roots. Now Capcom has released Resident Evil 6, a game that appears it wants to be more than it actually is and unfortunately doesn’t deliver were it truly wants.


The Zombie Chronicles: No More Room In Hell (Beta)

In the summer of 2012 two of TheShortbusGamers, hardrocknguy and Odoyle-Rulez, were last seen entering what appeared to be an abandoned house. They were never heard from again, but their video footage was recovered…