JoypadAndMe Artwork

Here is some of the new artwork for my friends at JoypadAndMe co-designed by myself and owner of JoypadAndMe.

JoypadAndMe Logo 01 (1920x1080)

JoypadAndMe JamCast Logo 01 (1920x1080)

JoypadAndMe JamChunk Logo 01 (1920x1080)

(All pictures and logos here are owned by the owner(s) of and may not be reused without permission)


ThreeTallNerds Artwork

Interesting how the original logo went from the first picture, to the one below. Can you see the “3” in the first picture?

Three Tall Nerds Original Logo (500x500)
Three Tall Nerds Logo (1920x1080)

(Image created/owned by hardrocknguy & the other owners of and may not be used without permission)