Month: March 2012

Left4Dead2 and Team Fortress 2 with KalebKJC

Left 4 Dead 2-Team Fortress 2
A Video Of Me Playing A Variety of Steam Games With My ResetGamer Co-Host KalebKJC From My YouTube Page. So Remember To Click The Link In The Video And Subscribe.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

The Resident Evil franchise has always been a mainstay for Capcom. Each time a new entry into the series was released it was usually met with praise and set the example of a good blend of action and horror. The last few entries however have been mixed for the series; now Capcom has outsourced their latest release in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City to Slant Six Games, former developers for entries into the SOCOM: US Navy Seals franchise. Unfortunately, what was produced is something that most people could claim to be scarier than the monsters you face in the game.

Journey Review

Anyone who has ever told you that video games cannot be considered art, needs to experience one of the beautiful games from Thatgamecompany. Their unique way of designing and creating games serves as a reminder that you don’t need to follow what everyone else is doing to get the most out of creativity. With already past games such as Cloud, flOw and Flower available for everyone to try; Thatgamecompany has released their latest offering in Journey, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. And what has been released is, I am glad to say, a visually stunning, and expressing release that wholeheartedly lives up to the terrific collection of games Thatgamecompany is already known for.

Journey Playthough

This is a video I made for the ProvenGamer YouTube Page of a play-through  from start to finish, of thatgamecompany’s Journey. I really enjoyed their earlier games Cloud, flOw and Flower, and thought they were so unique that getting their newest release as soon as it was available an easy choice for me. I believe it came out really good and think it sort of works like a “silent” movie.

Edit: Unfortunately this video was taken off of YouTube.

Re: Finding Lost Treasures

Some people have their stamps, some have coins. I collect video games. And at times even some video game related materials if I seem interested in them. Now while I’m nowhere near to the collection of a Pete Dorr or others on that level, but I’m always out looking for old and/or various games. Some I played in my childhood, rented and never bought, or those games that I always heard about but never had a chance to play. And as much as I’d love to spend $200 plus for that still sealed copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the PlayStation 2, the economy and life doesn’t always have that in the cards. Instead I tend to focus on buying games, in good condition at least, that I will play at some time or another (can you say backlog).